Вакансія Customer Support Specialist, Черкаси. Пошук роботи в Черкасах - Робота Customer Support Specialist (ZONE3000, компания). Шукаю роботу в Черкасах.

Мінімум раз в житті кожної людини цікавить пошук роботи. І, незважаючи на те, що робота в Черкасах є завжди, багато хто не знає, де її шукати і куди йти працювати. Що вибрати - вакансії в Черкасах в невеликих фірмах або ж здійснювати пошук роботи в корпораціях? Що краще: робота в Черкасах або виїхати в інше місто або навіть країну? Питань багато, тому ласкаво просимо на портал, орієнтований на пошук роботи і вакансій, а також розміщення резюме в Черкасах!

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Вакансія: Customer Support Specialist (в Черкаси)

  • Дата додавання:
  • Зарплата:12500 грн
  • Місто:Львів
  • Бажана Освіта:повна вища
  • Досвід роботи:не вимагається
  • Графік роботи:повний робочий день

Загальна інформація про вакансію

ZONE3000 is an international IT company that provides domain name registration, web hosting services and SSL certificates. We work with Namecheap, which is included in the Top-3 best domain name registrars. We have been trusted by more than 7 million customers all over the world for 22 years. Now we register about 1000 domain names per hour, which is proven by more than 12 million registered domain names.

If you dream of a job in IT, if you have an Intermediate level of English proficiency, we are ready to teach you everything necessary.

We offer:

  • A job in IT without experience
  • A technical training course with unique content from the internal training center, where you will be told what the Internet consists of, why domains and hosting are necessary, how to manage Internet services and how Internet payments work, you will also be taught how to interact with foreign customers, how to do modern business correspondence and how to work in large IT companies (with the training being successful, we pay $300 expressed in the hryvnia)
  • Pay starting from $400 per month, expressed in the hryvnia (night shifts are paid at one and a half rate)
  • Work experience in IT in accordance with international standards
  • Opportunities for professional development and personal growth
  • Soft and hard skills development in the corporate «University» provided by our NY office specialists
  • Official employment
  • Paid vacation and sick leave
  • Shift schedule (08:00-16:00, 16:00-00:00, 00:00-08:00)
  • Night commute by taxi at the company’s expense
  • Remote work for the period of quarantine


  • The provision of technical support to customers around the world, including answering questions, assistance in the selection, installation and configuration of the products and services of the company.


  • English classes (Speaking Clubs, Grammar Lectures, Boardgames)
  • Points accumulation system (can be exchanged for MAKEUP, Rozetka certificates and others)
  • Employee discount program providing discounts and special conditions from the company’s partners
  • Online-teambuilding activities

Perks that will be available after quarantine:

  • Football team
  • Paid gym membership
  • Corporate parties and offline-teambuilding activities
  • Fruit days, tea, coffee and milk with vitamin D

If you are interested, contact us:


+38 068 538 57 59

+38 050 693 29 64 - Telegram

+38 063 025 15 34

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